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Test Type – Price – Days Run – Received By

  • Pregnancy – $20.00 – Reported Tuesday & Friday  – Received by Monday & Thursday

DISEASE SAMPLES MUST ARRIVE DAY PRIOR TO TESTING DATE TO BE PROCESSED THAT WEEK. USPS and Fedex arrive daily at 12pm. Ups arrives daily at 3pm. Orders without submission form and properly labeled tubes will be charged $10 and may delay results.

Storage & Shipping

For all tests we need 3mL of whole blood or 1mL of serum. Unless having a Biosecurity Panel done then we need 6mL of whole blood or 1mL of serum. We accept FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipping. Pregnancy samples can be shipped at room temperature and are good for up to 30 days. Disease samples need to be refrigerated and shipped with ice packs. They need to be processed within 2 weeks of being drawn.